Looking to do something new with the kids? Maybe it’s time for a trip to Niverville! Make sure to get an early start to the day because there will be lots to fit in!


9:00am it may be a day all about the kids, but may we suggest a quick pit stop for the parents? Negash coffee will start your day trip off on the right foot with a coffee that’s roasted right here in town!

9:30am start by getting a day pass to the Niverville Community Resource & Recreation Centre (CRRC). For just $2/day for a local, or $4/day for a visitor, the two-story indoor play structure is bound to be a hit!

11:00am time to grab a little snack. Head to Tim Horton’s to pick up a donut and then walk south down Krahn Road for about 200 meters. There you will find an adorable nature-themed park with some picnic tables.

12:30pm now it’s time to grab some lunch! Check out our blog post “Places to Eat” (link to that post) for some great recommendations.

2:00pm time to head to Hespeler Park! The options here are endless. It’s a hot sunny day? You’ll probably want to hit up the splash pad. It’s the dead of winter? Hope you brought your cross-country skis and toboggan! Looking to burn some energy? There are soccer fields, baseball diamonds, beach volleyball courts, a bike skills park, and exercise equipment. Looking for a peaceful moment in nature? The Crow Wing Trail runs right through the park and includes a beautiful path through the wetlands.Haven’t gotten your fill of play structures yet? Check out the heritage themed play structure that has been designed to be accessible to all. 

4:00pm if it’s time to wrap up your day and head back home, may we suggest one more quick stop? Country Snacks has a lovely little pergola with picnic tables and is a great spot to enjoy a soft serve ice cream treat ( their claim to fame is being Manitobas Best Soft Serve) or a slushie.

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*Images by Moriah Neufeld, Shana Kozakowski and Melanie Harder